Ms. Karoff’s experience working with and within government agencies, as well as for private developers and businesses, gives KC a strong understanding of both public and private perspectives on real estate development. This dual perspective allows Ms. Karoff to work comfortably with stakeholders in both public and private realms, providing clients with advice and counsel that draws on years of experience in both sectors.

Karoff Consulting helps developers and businesses respond to Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) issued by government agencies or private entities. KC assists clients with all aspects of preparing a proposal from conceptualizing the project and assembling the team, to gathering, packaging and managing the team’s work, writing the text, and overseeing production of the proposal book. Most importantly, KC provides advice on strategy in order to craft a compelling and competitive proposal. Ms. Karoff has built an extensive record of success in helping clients vie for the right to develop government-owned sites, winning ten NYCEDC RFPs over the course of her career, as well as an RFP competition for a development site in Delray Beach, Florida. Ms. Karoff also has experience in preparing RFP’s for entities seeking a competitive process for selecting architects and other consultants.

Drawing on Ms. Karoff’s extensive government experience, KC serves as liaison and intermediary to clients as they negotiate agreements with public entities or apply for land use and other governmental approvals. We are thoroughly familiar with the City’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) and with environmental review processes (SEQRA and CEQR). Ms Karoff has years of experience working with a variety of government agencies including NYCEDC, the Empire State Development Corporation, the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the Board of Standards and Appeals, and the New York City Departments of City Planning, Transportation, and Environmental Protection. KC’s experience within New York City and State government can help clients navigate the labyrinth of government agencies and offices involved in the development process, as well as interface with the myriad community groups and elected officials that are integral to the public approval process.

Karoff Consulting functions as a highly effective project manager to its clients, often serving as virtual staff in managing a broad array of tasks. KC is intimately familiar with the development community in the New York metropolitan area, and can help select and oversee the project team, including designers, technical consultants, construction managers, and attorneys. KC manages the team’s work product and deliverables, identifies critical paths, and manages the project schedule. KC also operates successfully for its clients as an intermediary, managing communications within the project team as well as with outside entities.